Day cream vs night cream. Do i really need them both?

Day cream vs night cream

Most of us have asked ourselves this question and have wondered if night creams really worth the use. To answer those questions, we need to know which are the skin functions during the day and which during the night.

The day-night functions of the skin

During the day, the skin is in a defensive state, trying to protect itself from external conditions like cold or heat, UV rays and oxidation. So, our morning skincare routine is super-important to provide our skin with the tools it needs to fight environmental aggressors, like antioxidant-rich serums, barrier-strengthening formulas and free-radical-fighting vitamin complexes. Any product that compromises the function of the skin barrier should be left aside for night use. This means that, while you may think that a morning peel is a great idea, ultimately you will be not supporting your skin but working against it, making it more sensitive and more vulnerable to external aggressors like UV rays.

During the night, the skin goes into repair mode which is supported by specific hormones that are released into our body and are responsible for accelerating cell regeneration and healing. During nighttime skin pores become more permeable and skin is more receptive to active ingredients in the products. 

“Adopting a night skincare routine is ultimately our chance to help our skin get the most of its repairing process and be ready for the following day. 


Day Cream Benefits

Day and night creams are both equally important for a healthy and glow skin. The difference between them is their ingredients, texture and the effects they create. A day cream usually contains SPF and ingredients that even out skin color. It offers lightweight moisture without the heavy feeling of greasiness. They are designed to protect skin against sunlight, prevent the formation of dark spots and skin discoloration and skin ageing. Finally, they hydrate the skin, giving it a smooth appearance

Night Cream Benefits 

On the other hand, night creams are usually richer and thicker and consist of active components such as retinol and innovative complexes to help cells repair and regenerate while you get your beauty sleep. Night creams do not contain any SPF ingredients and take many hours to be absorbed by the skin. They deeply moisturize and also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Should i have a separate day and night cream?

Moisturizers for the day usually help skin get protected against the external elements, while night creams are better focused on enhancing the repairing process of the skin and not on protecting it.

In essence, it’s all about working in harmony with your skin, not against it. A well-synchronized skincare routine is crucial for a perfectly balanced, healthy and beautiful skin. So no more dilemma which cream to choose, using them both you have the most!


This post does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment

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