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This UTK heating pad is our beloved UTK Pad with proven results for the release of the pain from sore muscles. Either you are a Spa owner or an individual lover of wellness, this tool is the favour you have to do to yourself.
Α mat embedded with 108 natural Jade plus 42 Tourmaline Stones. When heated, these gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate deep into your body’s core.
Size: Medium Pro
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 79 x 53
Model NO.: H11M2
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【Far Infrared Heat Pad for Back Pain】Built-in Carbon-Fiber, emit far-infrared rays while heated. Far infrared can reach the inner-most regions of tissues and muscles of the human body, increasing circulation, perfect for back, joints pain, etc.

【More Wider Heating Area】108 natural Jade plus 42 Tourmaline Stones, increase heating area, additional tourmaline stones emits much more negative ions than pure jade pad while heated, more effective on back pain.

【Memory Function】Smart controller has 6 temperature settings and time setting, AUTO-OFF, Memory Function. Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.CE certification.

【Full Body Versatility】More effective on back, shoulder, abdomen, legs, arms pain, etc.

【3 YEAR WARRANTY】UTK is always providing the best service. Any performance failure occurs within 3 years caused by non-human damage, you can get our after-service for free. Box mail:

UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade and tourmaline Heating Pad is a perfectly soft flexible wrap around a body part to relieve muscle tension where people experience it —back & lower back & shoulders & waist & hip & legs & arms & knee & feet. Also, you can sit on it or lie on it.



Versatile Size

Perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms, and more.

Precise Heat Settings

Smart digital controller adjusts heat (103°F-159°F by 1°F increments) to your comfort level.

Precise TIME Settings

Smart digital controller adjusts time settings from 0-240 minutes by 15 minutes increments.

Memory Function

The “MEM” button remembers your favorite heat and time settings.

4-Hour Auto Shut-Off

Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.

10-Foot Extra-Long Cord

Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair

Premium Travel Bag

Keeps the heating pad protected in between uses.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Pad Size: 21″ X31″

Heating area (area with stone covered) : 14”X27”

Weight of Pad: 6lbs

Power: AC110~120, 60Hz, 150 Watts

Pad Material: Soft PU leather (both sides), non-toxic PP cotton, 108 Individual Natural Jade Stones and 42 Individual tourmaline Stones

Auto Shut-Off Time: 240 minutes

Warm-temperature range (103°F~109°F) for overnight using

Low-temperature range (110°F~119°F) for 3-4h sessions

Medium-temperature range (120°F ~129°F) for 2-3h sessions

Medium-High-temperature range (130°F ~139°F) for 1-2h sessions

High-temperature range (140°F~149°F) for 30-60 minute sessions

Very-High-temperature range (150°F ~159°F) for 30-minute sessions

Q1:Is this product certified for security?

A1: Yes, a smart controller with US FDA certification.EU CE certification and thermostat UL certification

Q2: What’s different of carbon fiber?

A2: Carbon fiber can emit far infrared rays and allows infrared rays to enter the human body deeper while heated, more effective in relieving muscle fatigue, soreness, and other issues.


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