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Best Luxury Spas in Greece launched its first online presence in 2018. Starting from an online spa guide, the brand evolved into the first online store for purchasing both spa services & authentic spa cosmetics in Greece. Launching a brand-new dedicated spa e-shop in 2023, Best Luxury Spas in Greece leads the way in making the spa experience accessible to everyone.

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Wellbeing for all

At Best Luxury Spas in Greece we are committed in offering the gift of well-being to all. We always stay focused in finding you great spa services and packages at the best available prices, with an easy-to-purchase process and premium payment facilitations.

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Refined Skincare

We take the wellness journey one step ahead by offering you the chance to enjoy the benefits of legendary spa skincare at home. Discover the cosmetics that spa professionals use and set your goals for a refreshed, spa-like glowing skin. Step up your skincare routine now!

Our promise

About us Best Luxury Spas Greece

Sustainable solutions

Founded & led by a passionate environmentalist, at Best Luxury Spas in Greece we strive to contribute to reducing the global environmental footprint of cosmetics. We support and collaborate with brands that apply respectful practices that protect the future of our planet.

About Best Luxury Spas Greece sustainability

Environmentally conscious

Environmental sensitivity impacts every decision that has to be made and how we operate as a business. We try to move away from the linear model of commerce, where the materials end up in the landfill and promote the circular path, where recycling is used as much as possible.

Our 3-step sustainability action plan

We collaborate only with ethical suppliers.

We offer a selection of distinguished skincare brands that use sustainable and ethical manufacturing procedures.

We care for reducing our environmental footprint.

All the products we offer are made of recyclable materials. We use the minimum required packaging  to send your order and we choose environmental friendly boxes from ethically resourced materials. We are very much concerned about the amount of waste going to landfill, this is why we put the emphasis on giving our packaging a second life. This means that your order will arrive in a beautifully designed box that you can continue to use. In this way, we do not create further waste.

We promote mindful consumption.

Our key values are: upcycle and recycle. We encourage our consumers to choose mindful gifts (e-cards instead of printed ones) and to switch to brands that are devoted to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. We try to educate our customers about the benefits of such a decision not only for the planet but also for their health and skin. 


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Top Quality Services

We offer first class services, multiple paying options, a wide variety of experiences and personalized expert advice.

Premium Benefits

Imagine the most beautiful rewards: beauty & relaxation. Subscribe and receive the most appreciated, deluxe rewards.


Shop individual spa treatments, group packages, spa cosmetics, beauty boxes, e-gifts & corporate gifts with the option to pay over time.




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