5 reasons why you should visit a hammam

The hammam is a cleansing experience that purifies and detoxifies the skin, relaxes the muscles, and generally helps you to calm down and feel better. It is a safe and natural wellness treatment, if practiced properly. It can provide you with long-term health benefits, if you repeat the steam baths over time and you do not forget to rehydrate yourself adequately during and after each session.

Hammam is a unique hydrotherapy treatment, known from antiquity.

It was a common habit for people’s mental and physical health to keep themselves clean and their skin nourished, while being able to visit a place to sit and chat with their friends.

The hammam experience is exceptional. It is a ritual that uses steam to rejuvenate both body and soul. A habit with so many benefits that should be added to our weekly routine to significally improve our life quality.

What are the benefits of a Hammam treatment?

Boosts the immune system.

Activates blood circulation, heart and metabolic rate. Hot steam helps blood circulate properly to the whole body and is beneficial to lowering high blood pressure.

Offers mind and body balance.

The hammam reduces stress, anxiety and relaxes mind and body, it decreases the muscle tension, soothes pain and rheumatisms. It is a perfect choice when you are stressed, tired, physically or morally, to help your muscles relax after a workout, or just to unwind after a busy day.

Improves respiratory function and sleep.

Hammam is the key to healthy lungs. It facilitates respiration by releasing the sinus and nasal routes and helps to recover faster from colds. It offers a better sleep quality by restoring physical and mental harmony.

Beautifies and rejuvenates skin

Eliminates toxins and dead cells from the skin, reduces redness and enhances the healing of scars. It also improves elasticity and helps towards a firmer skin. It also contributes to the fight against cellulite, weight loss and dry skin while hot steam encourages a deep and invigorating cleanse leaving your skin nourished, hydrated and glowing.

Helps to improve the mood.

The feeling of being cuddled in a warm, pampering environment is mood-boosting by itself and when it is combined self-care and beauty rituals in the hammam, the result is absolutely mood-lifting. In specific establishments, a hammam session can be combined with various treatments such as mud rituals, exfoliations and foam massages, performed on heated beds, creating thus a complete, one-of-a kind rejuvenating experience!

But don’t forget

Although it has unquestionable benefits, the hammam is not recommended for people who suffering from certain diseases and especially, cardiovascular disorders, high or low blood pressure and kidney or heart diseases.


This post does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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